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Villa Pescadores Tulum

Explore the cultural history and natural beauty of Tulum…

The Mayan site may have been formerly known by the name Zama, which means ‘City of Dawn’, as the ruins face the sunrise. Tulum stands on a bluff facing east towards the Caribbean Sea, and the area of Tulum was most sacred to the Mayans, as they brought their future leaders here to be initiated. The Kings (Ahaus) were brought to the temples of Tulum, where they held the ceremonies to receive the blessing of the sun.The Yucatan Peninsula is also known as an energy vortex. It has a strong electromagnetic field that was caused by a meteorite hitting the Yucatan Peninsula roughly 65 million years ago, and is associated with causing extinction of the dinosaurs. Read more on Wikipedia .


Delve into Tulum’s mystical culture with a visit to the cenotes in the area, which are local fresh water sinkholes once used for ceremonial rites. Experience the most blissful way to see the beauty and wildlife of the Sian Ka’an biosphere, right on Alaya’s doorstep is a serene lagoon and kayaking tour. History buffs journey to the heart of the Mayan kingdom at the ruins of Chichen Itza and Cobá. Or stick close to home and explore the beachfront ruins of Tulum just a 10 minute ride away from Alaya. For more information please contact us.

Scuba Diving

Dive into Tulum’s crystalline waters and explore the offshore reef or slip into the depths of a subterranean cenote for a magical cave diving tour. Whether an absolute beginner or an experienced diver looking for a diving adventure we can arrange for you. Just ask at reception…

Kite & Paddle

 If you are brand new to the sport we offer comprehensive beginner  kiteboarding lessons that will get you up and riding quickly and safely.

If you’re an intermediate rider, Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf and Paddlesurf  can help take your riding to the next level, whether it’s riding overpowered, adding hang time to your jumps, or wave riding with style. Our instructors have the experience to build your skills and help you reveal your true potential.


Tulum bars and clubs abound on the beach. Although the bars and clubs in this Caribbean coast are bustling with activity, you should not expect it to be wild and noisy. Tourists who want to enjoy their evenings sipping tropical cocktails, eating Mexican tapas and chips, and listening to the beat of salsa and funky music surely like it in Tulum. During peak season, many restaurants and hotels offer music shows, salsa dance nights, funky live bands, and various performances for tourists and guests. Ask our concierge for the latest happenings in Tulum.