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Hotels in Tulum - Green Key Tulum
Villa Pescadores was rewarded with the Green Key Status for its excellence in environmental & sustainable development, based on 17 principles. (Green Key Mexico)
Hotels in Tulum - Environmental Commitment
1  Leave the smallest ecological footprint on our surroundings.
2  Reduce, Reuse & Recycle as our main hotel policy.
3  Mimic Nature by recycling wastes, enhancing life in the process.
4  Our rain water catchment system provides water for our gardens and prevents dune erosion.
5  Our artificial marsh filtration system purifies our wastewater which is then distributed in our gardens and returned to Nature without no chemicals.
6  Our to-go cups, containers, straws and most trash bags are biodegradeble made from corn starch.
Hotels in Tulum - Environmental Commitment
7  Transform our kitchen & bar organic wastes into compost, and use it to fertilize our Spiral Garden to grow some aromatic herbs.
Hotels in Tulum - Ecology in Tulum Mexico
8  The Restaurant discourages the sale of disposable plastic water bottles by offering water in dispensers in the lobby and rooms.
9  Glass pop and beer bottles are returned to the producer to be refilled.
Hotels in Tulum - Ecological hotel
10  No toxic wastes like batteries end up in the trash. They are picked up by an official collection service.   
11  We don’t like plastic bags. Plastic bags aren’t offered with to-go food. 
12  In the building process we have not disturbed any mature tree on the land. Trees used for building were sustainably and locally harvested by locals. 
13  Buildings in the resort are oriented to take the most advantage of the natural shade and breeze, to reduce the need for AC. 
14  The Resource-Reduction Policy is implemented in all departments, saving a substantial amount of resources (water, electricity, paper, etc) 
Hotels in Tulum - Environmental Commitment
15  Every morning our beach sparkles after our crew rakes up seaweed and trash and separates them for compost and proper disposal.  
Hotels in Tulum - Environmental Commitment
16  We provide all-natural amenities with organic ingredients, made in Merida.  
17  We only work with eco-conscious tour companies that strive to preserve our environment and promote awareness of the Mayan culture.
Hotels in Tulum - Ecological hotel in Tulum
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