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Environmental Commitment

Something good is happening in Tulum

In commemoration of the World Environment Day Hotel Villa Pescadores made a clean solids into the Tulum National Park of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas waste, involved 29 people between employees of the establishment, people of the municipality and the company Caribbean Experience , it was able to gather:

145 kg of glass
80 kg plastic
3.5 kg of aluminio 
1 kg of toxic and
122 kg of general waste

It is thus a total of 351.5 kg of waste in general

An authorized company evicted for correct final destination.

The Hotel is committed to being a sustainable development model in this hotel is just one of the activities that the hotel operates, as just cares about using natural resources in a proper way and promotes the protection of historical and cultural heritage.

Invite you to join these initiatives, think global, act local. Villa Pescadores Hotel & Beach Club, sustainable Hotel.

Villa Pescadores is a part of living Organism called Earth. We learn to live in harmony by taking active responsibility for our environment…


  • At Villa Pescadores it is top priority to leave the smallest ecological footprint on our delicate surrounding environment.   
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle are the main ideas behind our Sustainable Development Policy.   
  • We mimic Nature by recycling wastes, inspired by Mother Earth’s natural systems, enhancing life in the process as every ecosystem does.   
  • Our especially-designed rain water catchment system provides water for our gardens and prevents dune erosion from heavy rainfall.   
  • Our artificial marsh filtration system purifies all of our wastewater in a closed-loop system which is then distributed in our gardens and returned to Nature without any harmful chemicals so we don’t pollute Tulum’s delicate water table.   
  • Our to-go containers, to-go cups, straws and most trash bags are made from corn starch and will biodegrade into organic matter.   
  • We transform all of our organic wastes from the Kitchen and Bars into compost, and use it to fertilize our Spiral Garden where we grow some of the aromatic herbs used in the Kitchen.   
  • The Restaurant discourages the sale of disposable plastic water bottles by offering a wide variety of water and flavored water in dispensers. We also provide free water in dispensers in the Suites and in the Lobby.   
  • Glass pop and beer bottles are returned to the producer to be refilled. Any plastic bottles brought in to the Hotel or Restaurant are recycled, along with all glass, cans and cardboard.   
  • Great care is taken to divert any toxics like batteries from ending up in the trash. These are picked up by an official collection service.   
  • At Villa Pescadores we don’t like plastic bags. We have eliminated them from the recycling and composting processes entirely. Plastic bags aren’t offered with to-go food.   
  • In the building process we have not disturbed any mature tree on the land. The trees that have been used for building have been sustainably and locally harvested by the local Mayan people.   
  • All the buildings in the resort are situated and oriented in order to take the most advantage of the natural shade and breeze in a way that promotes passive cooling, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.    We maintain the integrity of the local ecosystem by landscaping with native species.   
  • The Resource-Reduction Policy is implemented in all departments of the Hotel and Restaurant, saving a substantial amount of water, electricity, paper, cleaning agents, plastic bags, butane gas and diesel.   
  • Every morning Villa Pescadores’s beach sparkles after our crew rakes up seaweed and trash and separates them for compost and proper disposal.   
  • We provide all-natural amenities with organic ingredients, made locally in nearby Merida.   
  • We only work with eco-conscious tour companies that strive to preserve our unique and fragile environment and promote awareness of the living Mayan culture.

In Lak’ ech “I am another you” (Mayan)